Veteran’s Lost Service Dog Found With Multiple Gunshot Wounds To Head & Shoulder

Tony Eadus, a veteran who resides in Missoula, Montana, was devastated after his service dog, a German Shepherd named Lucca, went missing.

Lucca is not just a pet, he is a life-line for Eadus. Lucca keeps him calm and puts his head in Eadus’ lap whenever Eadus starts getting anxious.

Eadus spent nearly eight hours walking around his apartment complex, trying to find Lucca, but to no avail.


But four days later, Animal Control received a call regarding a dog who had been wandering around a neighborhood. When they came to pick him up, they saw that he was injured and rushed him to Missoula Vet.

At the vet, they discovered that he had three gunshot wounds – two in his head and one in his shoulder. He underwent emergency surgery to remove a bullet from his face.

The vet scanned him for a microchip and luckily traced him back to his owner.


Eadus and Lucca have seen reunited, and although Eadus is relieved to have Lucca back, he is heartbroken at what Lucca had endured while he was missing.

“I can’t imagine a person doing that. Why would you steal a dog and take him clear across town and shoot him?” Eadus told Kpax.

Thankfully, Lucca is expected to make a full recovery and will have several checkups at the vet clinic over the next few weeks.


Animal Control is now asking the public to come forward if they know any information regarding Lucca’s injuries.

“He went missing around 34th Street, and so he made it quite a ways away,” Missoula County Animal Control Officer Cassidy Russell told Kpax. “We don’t know who did anything, we don’t know if someone took him from his home, we don’t know who shot him, we don’t know any of the circumstances, so if anyone has seen or heard of anything that can give us some insight then we can follow up on it.”



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